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Business Management 

Business Management

we take care of all aspects of your day to day business and personal transactions. We have full tax, accounting, and business management services for everyone from individuals to corporate entertainers to professionals.

Our services ensure that all your financial business and personal matters are running smoothly. With us taking care of all financial aspects like tax, insurance, real estate, and banking, you can rest easy knowing we have everything in order. We even take care of day to day tasks like paying bills and collecting and depositing your earnings.

Whether you are a small business owner or simply a busy individual, our CPA firm can take care of any of your financial needs and make your life easier.

Our business management services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide personal and business bookkeeping using accounting software

  • Pay all your bills

  • Make all bank deposits

  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations

  • Maintain general ledger

  • Monitor monthly cash flows

  • Prepare and analyze personal spending

  • Assist with cash management, budgeting, and financial planning

  • Coordinate payments to independent contractors and prepare 1099s

  • Coordinate payroll for your household and business staff

  • Distribute trust funds

  • Facilitate ATM cards

  • Handle mortgages, lines of credit, overdraft protection, business loans. Also prepare all loan documents and coordinate loan requirements with lenders

  • Help plan for retirement

  • Help with any and all banking needs

  • Prepare an estate plan

  • Prepare financial statements

  • Prepare individual and business tax returns including tax projections

  • Review contracts

  • Set up and handle insurance reviews. Assess overall insurance and obtain additional coverage if needed (including umbrella, life, auto, business, homeowner’s, etc.)

  • Work with investment advisors, bankers, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and other service providers to provide you with the business management services you need

With us as your business managers you will save both time and money, making your personal finances or business run as efficiently as ever. We work with you and our services providers to get you what you need, when you need it. Please call or email our office today for more information on how our services can work for you.

Personal CFO

Our approach to BUSINESS MANAGEMENT is to be a personal CFO and offer concierge-style sophisticated services to meet the needs of the unique and complicated life of our clients. We help some of America’s most enterprising and successful individuals and families define the lives they choose to live. Southeast CPAs & Associates provides our clients the expertise to protect and collect all that they have earned, and equips them with tools necessary to succeed short and long-term.

We serve actors and professional athletes, musicians, producers, directors, writers and executives in the entertainment industry, as well as corporate executives, business owners and high net worth individuals in a wide range of industries throughout the United States.

Southeast CPAs & Associates provides creative, calculated and confident solutions based on solid planning and disciplined execution, all of which are completely and openly accountable to our clients. We dedicate a team of seasoned Business Management professionals to each client, led by a partner at Southeast CPAs & Associates with decades of success in the industry.

Southeast CPAs & Associates Business Management team is ready to provide tailored solutions so that each client is financially secure to pursue their chosen path. We call it . . . LIFE DEFINED.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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